Septarian Tumble Stones


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Tumble stones are a versatile shape that is all-purpose and radiates energy gently in various directions. Septarian is one of the most fascinating and gorgeous stones you will ever see. This is due to the fact that no two stones are the same! The name septarian is from the Latin word septum , which means seven, or saeptum , meaning a wall or an enclosure. The stone also got its name because It’seems to form in a pattern of seven.

Septarian gives balance to an individual s body, mind, and spirit.
It ensures peace and harmony in all aspects of one s being so that they will be able to face the daily challenges of life with confidence and grace.
It gives a better understanding of things in life.
Septarian is also a grounding stone that centres individuals and connects them to their body, mind, and spirit.
It’s a very helpful talisman when it comes to spiritual or mental problems.
It’s also useful when you need to create something fresh from old things. It’s the same with other aspects of your life, such as one s career and relationships.
It helps relieve pain, and gives a much-needed boost to the immune system.
It is an effective protective stone against lawsuits.
It’s a good stone to have while experiencing a crisis because it will keep one calm and collected.
Septarian stones give strength during moments of weakness.