Rose Quartz Crystal Teapot and Cup Set (Heart Shape Two Cups)


Make your guests feel special by serving them tea in a Rose Quartz Teapot and Cup Set (1 Teapot & 2 Cups). This teapot is handcrafted using a premium quality of Rose Quartz and is the perfect piece to have while hosting a high tea. Rose Quartz is known as the Stone of Ultimate Love . The tea inside this tea pot is imbued with the energy of the specific crystal soaking within.


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The benefits of this Rose Quartz Teapot/Cup are listed below:-

*It helps strengthen love or romantic relationships.
* It awakens sensual creativity and tender fantasies are well known rose quartz powers.
* An aphrodisiac that encourages passion and intimacy between you and your partner – It has emotional healing powers giving positive results as it empties suppressed negative emotions.
* The Heart Stone energy essence covers the body with vibrations to heal ailments of the heart and circulatory system.
* It also releases sadness of emotional issues or heartbreaks.


Teapot – (Weight-1.378Kg), (Length-5.5 Inc), (Width-9Inch With Handle) ,(Height-5.5 Inch)

Cup- (Weight-370Gram), (Length-7 cm), (Width-4.5 cm) ,(Height-7cm)


Size/color/weight may slightly vary