Premium Carnelian Jumbo Tumble Stones


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    Tumble stones are a versatile shape that is all-purpose and radiates energy gently in various directions.The name carnelian comes from the Latin word carneus, which means fleshy, a reference to the color of the stone.The meaning of Carnelian is energy and creativity. Carnelian has many names The Singers Stone, The Sunset Stone, and The Artists Stone. It has a vivacious creative edge in everything it does.

    Carnelian infuses the body with life and light calling on the powers of physical energy. It’s all about stimulating the muscles, helping oxygen to find its free flow, and keeping your tissues and organs flushed with the finest health.
    Carnelian ignIt’s creativity that invIt’s you to write, paint, dance and sing .
    This stone keeps you feeling motivated and confident now that you have been able to step out of the shadows.
    This stone instills a bright burst of energy that will get you back on your feet.
    Carnelian is a stabilizing stone. It is also a stone of truth, love, and faith.
    Carnelian stones will bring more positivity to your life. It is also a protection stone that can keep you safe from accidents, theft, or natural calamities.