Om Rudraksh Pyramid Brown


Rudraksha- Rudraksha Pyramid is the one of the most Strong and powerful pyramid in crystal orgone. Can be used for Reiki Healing, Vastu, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Vastu correction, Reiki Grid and Aura Cleaning.Rudraksha is considered as incarnation of Bhagwan Shiva.

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    • The power of Rudraksha Crystal Orgone Pyramid Can Produce Massive Positive Energy And Balance You Internally.
    • Rudraksha Crystal Orgone Pyramid Can Protect You From Negative Energies, From Frequent Fights Between Loved Ones, From regular tension By Removing Internal Feeling Of Negativity, From Zero Concentration In Any Work Rudraksha Crystal Orgone Pyramid Has The Ultimate Power To Block Negative Energies Arising From Vastu Dosh or Any Other Negative Source And It Can Create Flow Of Positive Energy In The House.
      The Ultimate Power Of Rudraksha Can Transform Your Life Events, Health and Mind
    • Item Size : Length 8.5 cm x Width 8.5 cm x Height 6 cm Weight : 227 gm
    Weight 210 g
    Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 cm