Tiger Eye Japa Mala For Japa, Meditation, 108+1 Round 8 mm Beads


Made in India

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    Take your spiritual healing journey a notch higher by meditating with this Tiger Eye Japa Mala!
    Tiger Eye is renowned as the Stone of Protection, as it wards off all the negativity away.
    It is associated with courage & confidence.
    This stone acts as a conflict resolution in relationships
    It brings forth good luck, fortune, & abundance in one s life.
    It gets you mental clarity & decisiveness.
    Suitable for Neck Wearing, Japa & Chanting by males and females of all ages.
    Tiger’s eye is also a very protective stone which is especially protective during travel. Good for businessmen. It is a magical stone that gives you power.
    A stone of protection. Tiger Eye stone brings good luck to the owner. An excellent stone for one who suffers from an aggravated Vata dosha.
    Product Dimension:- Length = 50 cm, Weight = 90 grams, 108 beads of 8 mm (Approx)