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    • Balance your mind and body with our crystal comb. Used for centuries to stimulate blood circulation promoting new hair growth, this holistic beauty treatment will leave you feeling relaxed.Use the crystal comb as a hair treatment by gently massaging the scalp in long strokes combing through your hair. Cover all areas of the head to promote hair growth.Promotes healthy hair growth. Release tension and tightness. Reduce dandruff. Aids with headaches.
    • The ancient Chinese health ritual, often referred to as combing therapy” has been used to stimulate the scalp and induce hair growth for centuries. “Since all of the meridians in the body have either direct or indirect connections with the head, scalp and brain, stimulating the scalp can have global effects on the body s health by regulating the meridians.Combing massages all of the acupoints of the head, which regulates excitement.So it can be good for your overall health & combing technique.
    • Each stone will have a unique appearance of light translucent to deep pink color variations as it is natural stone & Scratches Line will be there.The Amethyst comb an exquisitely beautiful comb, it will become a luxury hair treatment to be enjoyed by all regularly.First, apply water or your favourite body oil to any part of your body and start combing in downwards strokes to get rid of any toxins and to decongest skin.You can use either side of the comb,depending on how tough you want to be.