Star Garnet Sphere/Ball, Polished


Star Garnet helps in improving the old types of thinking. It changes and improves your way of thinking about the people around you and the situations around you. The most notable and important characteristic of Star Garnet stone is its ability to purify and heal your mind, body, and soul.

Garnet encourages commitment in love, in service, to yourself, and others. It also sparks romance, love, and passion.

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Star Garnet Crystal Ball


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Star Garnets are useful to improve your way of thinking and your way of action. It is also good for people who want to get fresh energy. By making your metabolism of energy better, you would be able to have youthful power. Star Garnet has a meaning and properties of making your love rich.

This beautiful piece is perfect to hold in your hand, or one in each hand, to feel anchored and secure. The sphere is an expression of unity, completeness, integrity, and equality.

Benefits of using this Star Garnet Ball are:
It’s helpful to work with when one feels their life force is waning as it helps them find hope & optimism.
Garnet is a protective, calming, and stabilizing root chakra stone that pulls one s spirit back to the center.
It’s a wonderful ally for gently grounding individuals & their dreams to manifest desires.
It brings balance, security & is a powerful anchor to Mother Earth.
A traveler’s stone that is known as a powerful talisman of protection.