Garnet Stone Polished Sphere


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Garnet brings wealth, prosperity & pleasure to your life. Garnet brings passion to your ideas, fueling action, and manifestation so that you can get the job done. Meditating with balls helps take you into a hypnotic state. The spherical shape makes it easy to hold the crystal ball while meditating. Meditate you can incorporate the healing energies into your session. Whether you are decorating your home, office, or garden, natural stone spheres will provide a colorful and earthy addition to your designs. In this regard, we say the bigger the better. This deep red Garnet sphere shows you how to indulge in the luxuries of life. Garnet is the stone of total health, bringing healing to all levels of your body, mind, and spirit. Natural stone cut and polishing by handwork. Every piece is unique. The color, veining, and sizes may slightly vary. Which you will get just similar to the picture shown, not exactly the same one in the picture.

Stand Material:- Alloy Metal.