Indigo Gabbro / Mystic Merlinite Raw Stones


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Indigo Gabbro / Mystic Merlinite Natural Raw Stones


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Raw Crystals are rugged and untouched by humans and machines and hence, the most sacred form of the gemstone. Merlinite is also commonly known as Merlinite, which is often used when the stone is being referred to for its metaphysical properties.

Merlinite increases spiritual growth, allowing one to be more consciously aware of their own personal life s experience.
It brings harmony and balance into life by allowing the higher vibrational frequencies to integrate more easily.
It can enhance life s magical qualities, bringing the user love, luck and liveliness.
Merlinite helps with the physical body to prevent viruses, bacteria and infections as these are usually due to an imbalance in a healthy system
Merlinite helps with relationships as well as keeping toxic people out of one s aura.
It is a gem of non-judgement, enhancing compassion and empathy in even the most aggravating situations.
It is known to bring love and light to the user by increasing sincerity, releasing stress, anxiety and depression.
The energies of Merlinite are also highly beneficial for self-evaluations, in the sense that they help reorganize and regroup a person s thoughts and emotions.