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Natural Iolite Raw Stones


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Raw Crystals are rugged and untouched by humans and machines and hence, the most sacred form of the gemstone. Iolite is a silicate of magnesium and aluminum. Its name is derived from the Greek word ios , which means violet, and pertains to the gemstone s violet color.

Iolite is an excellent meditation tool that can help calm down emotions and still the mind.
It’s one of the best stones to have when it comes to spiritual healing, and psychic activities.
It clears thought processes and strengthens intuition.
Iolite can stimulate memory, enhance creativity, pique curiosity, and satisfy the thirst for knowledge.
It’s a stone that resonates with the energies of the light.
It can offer physical protection against sickness.
The healing energies of Iolite can aid in the regeneration of the liver.
It can also work in boosting your blood circulation and regulating your blood pressure.
It helps to attract money, wealth, and abundance by pointing one in the right direction of opportunities.
Iolite stone works in healing old emotional wounds.
It calms strong emotions and releases any stress or anxiety.