Fire Opal Bracelet


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    Fire Opal derived its name not because of a phenomenon, but due to its background colors. It also exhibits a play of color when the stone is turned under a light source. Fire Opal possesses many positive attributes making it a wonderful stone to be worn as a bracelet.

    Fire Opal boots self-confidence and helps overcome shyness.
    It helps one to heal from bad experiences and assists you in releasing the bad memories.
    It promotes loving and kind relationships.
    It ignIt’s passion and intimacy.
    Fire Opal lures in money, wealth, and abundance in one s life.
    It provides supportive energies that aids in decision making like starting a new business or investing in a new venture.
    It dispels the negativity from not only an individual s aura but also from the environment.
    It also gives one physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, making a holistic healing stone.
    Fire Opal has the ability to heal the kidneys and the lower back.
    It helps in addressing energy deficiencies in the body.