Clear Quartz Raw Pencil Pendant


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The ultimate healing pendant is here – Clear Quartz Raw Pencil pendant!

Clear Quartz is knows as the
Master Healing Quartz

Benefits of wearing a Clear Quartz Raw Pencil pendant:

Clear Quartz ensures powerful holistic healing.

It possesses cleansing properties enabling one to cleanse their soul, aura and environment.

Clear Quartz is a high vibrational stone making it perfect for charging other crystals.

It helps one channel their thoughts by clearing all the clutter in the mind which in turn enhances one s focus.

Clear Quartz is an excellent quartz for manifestation and aids in turning dreams into reality.

It brings body balance by instilling a sense harmony in all the chakras.

Dimension= Height -3.5cm | width- 1.5cm | Length- 3.5cm Approx

Chain Dimension= Length= 28cm

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