Blue Scheelite Cabochon Different Shape


Scheelite is a wonderful grounding stone which helps one to connect to nature.

Cabochons can also be used to create jewellery and also to design an outfit with embellishments.

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Blue Scheelite Cabochon Different Shape


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Experience the healing energy of crystals with a curated collection of CABOCHONS!

A cabochon stone features a polished domed surface in contrast to a faceted cut. Rather than sparkle, Cabochons captivate by enhancing colour, reflection or translucence over a domed surface.

Blue Scheelite Benefits –

  • Blue Scheelite opens, activates, and heals the Crown and Throat Chakras.
  • Blue Scheelite is a soothing stone that can help ground our thoughts and ideas.

Note:- The Cabochons mentioned can be in different shapes.

Please note: You will receive one crystal that will be similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.