Bagua Mirror

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    Bagua Mirror

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    • Bagua mirror (pa kua mirror) is a powerful cure to protect against negative energy and create good fortune and harmony. This type of mirror protects a house or place of business from the negative energy known as sha chi or poison arrows.
    • This Bagua Mirror Is Used To Ward off Negative Entering A Building Mostly Through The Main Door. A bagua mirror combines the feng shui power of a mirror with the power of the feng shui bagua. offer protection for your home.
    • Can be used for home door, office door. Place the Bagua Mirror above your front door facing outside. Never place indoors.
    • It’s also a perfect and meaningful gift for your family, friends and yourself on thanksgiving day.
    • Bagua Mirrors are said to transform negative energy into positive energy and bring peace and calmness to a specific place. They are usually hung outside the home to fight the harmful vibrations one might bring to destruct or affect the residents of the house.