Ammonite Seashell Snail Shape Raw Stone

Fossils of the long extinct marine creatures are known as Ammonite. Ammonite gets its name from the Greek god Ammon, who has a ram s horns. The Ammonite Stone is one of the most iconic and significant fossils. They are typically characterized by their spiral shape shells.

As they possess cosmic energy they can infuse the body with this life force.
Ammonite provides grounding energy as it is deeply connected to the earth.
It connects one to their ancestors when used for meditation.
Ammonite pairs are suitable for individuals who build or design.
Ammonite s spiral shape helps in removing chakra blockages and re-opening the chakras.
The Ammonite s spiral structure keeps energy flowing and in constant motion. This movement keeps sluggish, bad energy at bay, restores vigour, and keeps wealth alive.

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    In addition to its ancient presence, the ammonite coil shape creates constant movement and circulation of energy.

    ammonite is an excellent cure to bring a sense of stability, grounding, and protection to any space

    Best healing stone.

    Color is slightly changed due to light effects.