Amber Pendant Original Stone

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    Amber Pendant Original Stone

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    Wear an alluring Amber Pendant to ward off all the negative vibrations!
    Benefits of wearing this pendant:
    Amber stone acts as a great natural purifier for its ability to absorb negative energy and vibrations from the body.
    Amber brings emotions in balance, providing needed stability and calmness.
    Its warming positive energy is spontaneous and brings sun and light into personal life.
    It’stimulates regeneration and healing of the soft tissue, detoxification, heart problems, arthrIt’s, headache, and pain.
    It is often shaped like a tear, making it a great stone for healing grief, sadness, depression, melancholia and anxiety.
    Amber helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy.
    In the past it was commonly used in areas where it is found.
    Note: Each pendant has different weight/size/shape
    Pendant Approx Weight: 0.93
    Chain Size: Length= 28cm