Crystal bracelets Properties and Benefits

Crystals have amazing properties to forge positivity into the life of the wearer. Different types of crystals have different energies, but they always promote positive feelings while eliminating stress from your life. To harness any crystal’s calming and purifying properties, you must keep the crystals around you. The best way to make a fashion statement with crystals is to wear a crystal bracelet. The natural stones come in amazing colours and patterns and add a unique fashion touch to your attire. At the same time, you can also enjoy the powers and health benefits of crystals more suitable for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Crystal bracelets?

In the fast-paced world, everyone is racing against each other, and it causes undue stress. Balancing work and life becomes complicated, and as a result, relationships suffer. You can’t slow down your work pace, but you can bring an energy balance to your body to handle stress effectively. Anxiety, panic attacks, and stress disorders are caused by how an individual handles stress, irrespective of what caused the stress.

Crystal bracelets Offer the following advantages to the wearer:

  1. Aragonite, bismuth stone, mahogany obsidian, moonstone, etc., boosts your energy.
  2. Crystals improve sleep, especially when you wear bracelets of howlite, hezonite, fossil jasper, dream catcher, blue chalcedony, etc.
  3. Crystals such as amber, Angelite, apophyllite cluster, aqua aura quartz, aragonite, black tourmaline, cavansite, etc., relieve your mind and body stress.
  4. Jade, agate, and black obsidian are more popular because they instill calmness.
  5. Some crystals, such as garnet, green jade, howlite, malachite, pearl, etc., promote overall physical and mental health.
  6. Fertility-boosting crystals such as lava stone, leopardskin jasper, moonstone, and ruby zoisite are popular among couples trying to get pregnant.
  7. Crystal bracelets of aventurine, aquamarine, amber and red calcite boost your confidence and keep you focused.
  8. Scolecite, shaligram, seraphinite, white aventurine, etc., help you with a spiritual connection.
  9. Wealth attracting crystals ammonite, blue opal, cat’s eye stone, citrine, etc., bring prosperity into your life.
  10. Many crystals, such as pink cobalt, red tiger eye, sardonyx, sodalite, etc., make you feel grounded and in control of your emotions.

Amethyst Bracelets For Overall Wellbeing

The beautiful purple-hued amethyst crystals are widely preferred by alternative medicine practitioners who understand the importance and benefits of crystals. It is greatly popular as a healing stone that fosters mental and physical wellbeing.

Some of the health benefits of amethyst bracelets are:

  • Immune system boost
  • Endocrine system regulation
  • Improvement in skin conditions
  • Improvement in digestive health
  • Regulating fluctuating hormones
  • Alleviating headaches
  • Detoxification and weight loss

Addiction Bracelets Enforce Sobriety

Customized Addiction Bracelet

Overcoming addiction is one of the most challenging journeys for any person; they need all the support they can get. Addiction bracelets remind the wearer of their ultimate goal and keep them going strong in their journey during difficult times. The crystals in such bracelets also help overcome the powerful pull of addictive substances. The addiction bracelet is made of amethyst, iolite, lepidolite, and kunzite. These crystals help maintain sobriety by enforcing trust in the healing process.

Bring Some Luck In Your Life With Green Aventurine Bracelets   

Everyone needs a little bit of luck enforcement in their life. Green Aventurine is a stone of opportunity that brings good luck and abundance. If you feel run down lately, wearing green aventurine bracelets will install calmness and remove electromagnetic smog in your system. It protects the heart chakra and aids in the spiritual journey.

Boost Your Health With Health Crystal Bracelet

Everyone has some health problem or the other. The polluted environment and stressful life affect the health of your body, both physically and mentally. You don’t want to carry on with such a huge burden on your wellbeing. The best way to combat health issues is to wear a health crystal bracelet that is made using different natural stones with proven health benefits. The crystals such as citrine, aventurine, magnetite, rhodochrosite, and amethyst stimulate blood circulation, balances the endocrine system, alleviate mood swings, and help with different skin disorders.

Attract Prosperity With Wealth Bracelet

Wealth Chips & Beads Customize Bracelet

Building wealth that benefits you and your family should be the primary goal when you are young. It would be best if you looked for different ways to earn more and buy assets. Wealth bracelets attract prosperity and sharpen your focus so that you can work on productive tasks that automatically benefit you financially. Crystals commonly used with a wealth bracelet are citrine, tiger eye, pyrite, and aventurine. They bring good luck and remove the financial blockage. They bring prosperity and help you make the right financial decisions. If you are starting a business, this wealth bracelet can help you stay focused.

Health And Wealth Bracelet Bring Joy

Health And Wealth crystal Bracelet
Health and Wealth Customized Bracelet

Chasing wealth is the priority for many people who lose their health during their race. Health and wealth bracelet brings prosperity into your life while ensuring that your chakras are aligned. The crystals such as amethyst, citrine, green aventurine, magnate, pyrite, and rhodochrosite have physical therapeutic properties and manifest wealth. The multi-coloured bracelet also looks good as a fashion accessory.

Education Bracelet Sharpens Focus

Education is vital for kids as it is the first step to a better future. However, many kids suffer from a lack of concentration and memory power. The stress of competitive exams is sometimes too much to handle for little minds. Buy an education bracelet to help your kids improve and score high marks. The crystals such as amethyst, fluorite, azurite, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, and citrine dispel negativity and keep your child focused. These crystals boost concentration and help your child remember answers during the tests. Wearing this Education bracelet daily will also help your child to concentrate in classes.

Custom Bracelets For All Your Specific Needs

There is no limit on creating a combination of crystals to form a crystal bracelet that benefits you. You can create custom bracelets with stones of your choice, depending on what you want to achieve in your life. With some knowledge about the health benefits of crystals, you can choose the crystals you wish, and Shubhanjali Store will make that customised crystal bracelet for you.

To bring about a change in your life, you have to take the first step to take care of yourself better. With higher energy and confidence, you can tackle the challenges in your life. With a calm and peaceful mind, you can find solutions to problems that bother you the most. It would be best if you had the power of crystals in your life to foster better relationships and remove stress. That is why crystals are widely prescribed in alternative therapies.

Shubhanjali Store has an extensive collection of quirky and beautiful crystal bracelets for men, women, and kids. You can shop on the online store and buy the crystals you want to be delivered to your home right away. If you prefer a more personal experience, visit our Santa Cruz, Mumbai store for a free consultation from our crystal experts, who can help you pick the best crystal for your needs.